University Medical Centre Groningen’s (UMCG) Laboratory of Experimental Ophthalmology (LEO) and Bulbitech AS to collaborate on the evaluation of eye movement based ophthalmic screening techniques.

Facilitated by an equipment grant from the UMCG, the Laboratory of Experimental Ophthalmology (LEO) has signed an agreement with Norwegian start-up Bulbitech AS ( to buy their innovative BulbiCAM.

The BulbiCAM promises to enable fast vision screening including perimetric assessment to assess loss of vision in parts of the visual field. Such information is critical in the diagnostic and screening of ophthalmic diseases such as glaucoma. As glaucoma patients have to be evaluated on a regular basis for follow up, fast and patient friendly methods for perimetric screening such as provided by the BulbiCAM would be very welcome additions to the ophthalmologist’s toolbox.
LEO intends to evaluate the BulbiCAM and compare its performance to both conventional, as well as other innovative, perimetric approaches.

“We’re very glad to add UMCG’s LEO to our list of clinical partners, as both Prof. Frans Cornelissen and Prof. Nomdo Jansonius are key opinion leaders in their respective fields. UMCG’s research team has a long history of not only research but are renowned for connecting patients and the clinic in Groningen to their research”, states Dennis Hens, Bulbitech’s CEO.

The acquisition of the BulbiCAM fits perfectly into LEO’s long term goal of facilitating faster and better screening including for populations that may have issues performing standard automated perimetry, such as elderly and young children. As such it connects very well to LEO’s ongoing collaborations with rehabilitation center Royal Dutch Visio, start up company Reperio, and its European Training Network OptiVisT. Moreover, we look forward to developing a long term research collaboration with Bulbitech
AS through which we can help to br ing innovative and well tested perimetric and neuro ophthalmic screening to our patients.