Sharing a Milestone: Bulbitech at the EAN Congress

EAN Congress

This past summer, Bulbitech had the distinct honor of participating in the EAN Congress in Budapest, a leading European neurology event.

This occasion served as our inaugural appearance in the field of neurology, where we introduced our innovative technology, the BulbiCAM, to a broad range of experts. The level of interest and enthusiasm from attendees surpassed even our most optimistic expectations.

Our suite of tests includes nystagmography, saccades, anti-saccades, pro-saccades, pupillometry, smooth pursuit, fixations, and eye movement perimetry—each of these constitutes a powerful tool with potential as a biomarker for a range of neurological conditions.

Furthermore, our diagnostic capabilities play a crucial role in evaluating the effectiveness of pharmaceutical interventions. They provide important insights into the impact of drugs on brain conditions, including the status of the five pairs of cranial nerves involved.

The feedback from neurologists at the EAN Congress was extraordinarily positive, underscoring the importance of our role in the advancement of neurological research and patient care.

We are pleased to announce our plans to attend the 2024 EAN Congress in Helsinki. We anticipate further opportunities to contribute to the field of neurology and look forward to keeping you updated on our ongoing endeavors.