Bulbitech AS is proud to announce Dr. Oleg Komogortsev is joining Bulbitech’s advisory board.

After an initial meeting at NANOS 2022 and several follow-up meetings both parties became convinced that his role as an advisor with regards to topics as Artificial Intelligence, Eye Tracking signal capture and its interpretationin relation to biometric data and human computer interaction at Bulbitech AS is an excellent fit for both parties.

Dr. Komorgortsev is currently a Professor of Computer Science at Texas State University. Dr. Komogortsev has received his B.S. in Applied Mathematics from Volgograd State University, and M.S./Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Kent State University. He was previously a faculty or a scientist at such institutions as Johns Hopkins University, Notre Dame University, Michigan State University, and Meta. Dr. Komogortsev conducts research in eye tracking with a focus on health assessment, cyber security (biometrics), bioengineering, human computer interaction, and usability.

Dr. Komogortsev’s research was covered by the national media including NBC News, Discovery, Yahoo, Livesience and others. Dr. Komogortsev is a recipient of four Google and four Meta Faculty Research Awards. Dr. Komogortsev has also won National Science Foundation CAREER award and Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) from President Barack Obama on the topic of cybersecurity with the emphasis on eye movement-driven biometrics and health assessment. In addition, his research was supported by the National Science Foundation, National Institute of Health, National Institute of Standards, Sigma Xi the Scientific Research Society, and various industrial sources. Dr. Komogortsev’s current grand vision is to push forward eye movement-driven user understanding with a very strong privacy backbone in the future virtual and augmented reality platforms.

After several meetings it became clear that Professor Komorgortsev is extremely knowledgeable and motivated to apply and implement AI-driven eye tracking in clinical neuro-ophthalmic patient testing. Furthermore, he had the ambition to develop a similar system himself, but after evaluating our system Bulbitech AS is extremely honored he decided to join our team to support us improving our technology.