Bulbitech AS is proud to announce Assistant Professor Kemar Green is joining Bulbitech’s clinical advisory board

After an initial meeting at NANOS 2022 and several follow-up meetings both parties became convinced that his role as a clinical advisor for neurological and neuro-ophthalmic guidance at Bulbitech AS is an excellent fit for both parties.

Assistant Professor Kemar Green completed medical training at the New York Institute of Technology followed by residency training in Neurology at Michigan State University College of Medicine. He then went on to complete fellowship training in Neuro-otology/Efferent Neuro-Ophthalmology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. After fellowship, he joined faculty at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine’s Neurology department as an assistant professor with an exclusively telemedicine practice. He also completed coursework in Artificial Intelligence with the School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

His clinical responsibilities include synchronous outpatient consultations for vestibular disorders, abnormal eye movements and double vision; and video-oculography (VOG)-based telemedicine emergency consults for acute dizziness. The entirety of his academic, clinical and research interest revolves around pathologies of the efferent visual and neuro-vestibular systems, and the automation of the bedside evaluation through the leveraging of various portable devices with eye tracking capabilities to develop artificial intelligence solutions.

After several meetings it became clear that Assistant Professor Green is extremely knowledgeable and motivated to apply and implement AI-driven eye tracking in clinical neuro-ophthalmic patient testing. Furthermore, he had the ambition to develop a similar system himself, but after evaluating our system Bulbitech AS is extremely honored he decided to join our team to support us improving our technology.