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  • Multiple neuro-ocular examinations in one device;
  • Ergonomically designed for patient friendly testing;
  • The most rapid and precise Visual Field Screening;
  • New Saccadic Reaction Time parameter to classify glaucoma stages;
  • Precise and quantitative assessment of pupil to detect RAPD;
    • Precise and quantitative assessment of saccades presented in a main sequence diagram;
    • Quantifiable objective measurement for Vergence testing, including pupil near reflex;
    • Portable device occupying less space;
    • Reduction of examination time up to 46,2%*;
    • Data easily exportable to Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

    Our BulbiCAM is the first eye tracking camera that offer diagnostic support while integrating multiple eye examination tests to screen neuro-ocular pathology. Lack of experience, subjective interpretation, patient manipulation and potential time pressure when examining patients may lead to divergent diagnostic assessments across ophthalmic clinicians. Is it really acceptable to patients to undergo visual function tests manually? Is it even acceptable to show the patient the results of these tests if not acquired in an objective manner? Let us pause for just a moment and reflect upon the current standards of visual function testing and screening neuro-ocular pathology. Are these standards actually appropriate for us today?

    BulbiCAM is a neuro-ocular diagnostic support device, based on the latest eye tracking technology, which runs various neuro-ocular tests, providing you and your patients new objective clinical data - outcomes you need to assess during a comprehensive eye examination.

    BulbiCAM and its software are designed to integrate within your clinical workflow, significantly reducing patient chair time and implementing objectivity. BulbiCAM currently provides you with a Visual Field Test, Saccade Test, Vergence Test and Pupil Test, with more tests to be introduced in the near future.

    * Preclinical test result from Sankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital, Chennai, India